Crossroads Church Kansas City

 Have You Given Up on Church but not Faith?

It’s Time to Try Crossroads for a Spiritual Journey of

Faith, Discovery and Community


Are you interested in a church community where:

            • The focus is on the journey rather than the destination 

            • You are encouraged to find a Christian theology that works for you

            • Your spiritual path is supported by a caring, inclusive community  

            • Your sexual orientation, race and ethnic origin are not an issue

            • Your musical, artistic and creative gifts can flourish

            • Jesus’ teachings on peace, justice and love are foundational

            • Those hurt or rejected by previous church experiences find refuge

            • Music and worship invite you into the presence of the Spirit

    Does this seem like your kind of church?  If yes, please come and visit.


The mission of Crossroads Church is
to create sanctuary for one another,
to seek renewal of mind, body and spirit,
and to practice the liberating work of Jesus.



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 Come and Get to Know Us

Sunday School – 9:15am, Children and Adults

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Worship Service – 10:30am

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Intentional Interim Pastor Marcus McFaul

Intentional Interim Pastor
Marcus McFaul




                                      Marcus’ Welcome


                   A Word From Marcus ‎(Weekly Comments)




We are pleased to have Marcus W. McFaul as our Intentional Interim Pastor.  Marcus is leading Crossroads Church in a program that guides the congregation to explore its heritage, mission, leadership, connections and future.  The five-part program was devoloped by the Center for Congregational Health ( to establish a basis for a long and meaningful relationship with the next pastor. To read more about Marcus click here.


Kansas City Church

Crossroads Church - 7917 Main Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64114

Join Us Sunday

Sunday School
Children and Adults - 9:15am

Worship Service - 10:30am

7917 Main
Kansas City, MO 64114

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Kansas City Church

Crossroads Church - 7917 Main Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64114