Email Message to the Crossroads Congregation


From Our Intentional Interim Pastor
December 23, 2014

Legend has it that Socrates once asked an old man what he was most grateful for. To which came the reply: “That being the man I am I have had the friends I have.” We now transition to the “friends” realm. The unique and rich pastoral relationship between a minister and a congregation is one reserved for a particular pastor and individual congregants. I now join the fraternity of “former” Crossroads pastors. Friends you have been, are, and will always be to me.

I cannot thank you enough for the gifts from Sunday. The quilt is beautiful and Connie’s handiwork and is remarkable. Stitched with love, she said so well. I am very grateful for the generous love offering you gave to me. It’s really overwhelming. The powerful commissioning prayer had me sobbing tears of joy, affection, and gratitude for our partnership in the gospel. It was simply a glorious day, unforgettable and holy. You have made a profound difference in my life and ministry.

I want to thank the PST members who sponsored me before you over two years ago; I will be forever grateful for the confidence, trust, and hope placed in me, and their belief that together the church could move through an important time with purpose and meaning. They honored me with their invitation to journey alongside you and I will never forget the grace they extended.

The Transition Team’s committed and dedicated service cannot be overestimated. Each one brought so much energy and passion to their tasks and together they reflected a stubborn belief in the future of this community of faith. At the outset of their work I asked them to be “cheerleaders” for Crossroads and they did not disappoint. “Give me a T, an ‘E, an ‘A, and an ‘M!” Way to go Transition Team—fine work from first to last.

To my staff colleagues Diane, Marty, Mary, Sydney, and Thomas I extend my thanks. Thank you for all you do around here and for making space for trusting relationships to form and grow. We did have fun even as we dealt with serious issues. I appreciate the many gifts you offer in Christ’s service.

The words of grammatically quirky poet e.e. cummings captures much of how I feel : “I carry you in my heart/ I carry you with me wherever I go/ I am never without you/ I carry your heart in my own heart.” Such is the love given from our wondrous God.

So dear friends, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. To God be all praise and honor, and glory. Forever and ever. Amen. And amen.

Your friend,

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