The Journey at Crossroads

You can make a difference in your life and for others as well by sharing your journey and gifts with us.  We are people on a journey asking challenging questions about life and faith and seeking answers that point us to God.  We welcome your doubts and concerns. If you desire to explore life at a deeper level, Crossroads may be your place.   We are people who explore the current understandings of our faith in an atmosphere of acceptance and openness.  Faith is a shared journey on which people explore the mysteries, share their differing understandings, and seek to integrate actions with beliefs.  Making this journey means being honest in the searching, in the questioning, and in applying faith to life. When this kind of honesty happens, the result is an integration of all aspects of life.

What kind of journey are we on?  We’re on a journey where living life here and now as Christ taught us is the destination.  In the end, we’d like it said that we chose a path of caring and kindness, of humility and compassion and of genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Kansas City Church

Crossroads Church - 7917 Main Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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