Local Organizations:  (Environmental Stewardship)
Bridging The Gap: Environmental Education Through Community Action, local environmental organization located in Westport
Earth Day KC: sponsored by Bridging the Gap
Global Action Plan: sponsored by the city; forming neighborhood eco-teams
All Species Project: Environmental Education & Action, has workshops for young students
Missouri Department of Conservation: to protect and manage fish, forests, and wildlife resources of the state

National Organizations:
Christian Environmental Studies Center: supporting collaborative efforts between Christian Environmental Organizations, Academic Programming and the Christian Community
Evangelical Environmental Network & Creation Care Magazine: EEN is a unique evangelical ministry whose purpose is to “declare the Lordship of Christ over all Creation.”
Outside Magazine: for the outdoors lover
EV World: The World of Electric, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Vehicles
Wildlife Works: a new company dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the world’s wildlife
COEJL: Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
SOWER Project: Stewards Of The World Encouraging Restoration
Eco-Justice Ministries: helping churches work work for ecological integrity and social justice, while connecting the prophetic and the pastoral in faithful ministry
Honor the Earth: a voice for the earth, a voice for those who are not heard
Get Green: mission is to inform the public about ways to save money and the environment at the same time
Earth Share: one environment, one simple way to care for it
Center for a New American Dream: helping Americans change the way they consume to improve the quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice
Turtle Island Preserve: guides people through experiences with the natural world to enhance their appreciation and respect for life
Earth Flag International: history of the symbol of a new millennium. Can also purchase earth flag products
Kissing Fish:  Christianity for people who don’t like Christianity
Orange Leaders, Engaging churches and families to influence the faith and character of the next generation.
Weavings, A journal of the Christian spiritual life
Patheos, Hosting the conversation on faith
The Center for Healthy Churches (Facebook)


Front Porch Alliance


Peace & Justice

Amnesty International

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America

Heifer International

Human Rights Watch

Love Welcomes All

Sojourners, Faith in action for social justice


Peace Brigades International

Rainbow Baptists

School of the Americas Watch

White Bison

Witness for Peace

Alliance of Baptists: Baptists for a changing world





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