Marcus’ Welcome

Welcome to Crossroads Church of Kansas City. Welcome home or welcome back or welcome to the home page! Whether you found the site on purpose or by accident (I believe there are at least two other “Crossroads” in the KC metro area) roam around and you’ll discover an inclusive, progressive bunch of Christians. This particular Crossroads church has answered the oft-asked question, “how inclusive should we be?,” with the inviting response: “as inclusive as Christ.” Within this church family you’ll find a great array of thoughtful, passionate, lively, meaning-making, justice-seeking folks.


Finding one’s way around a church (much less a church website!) can be difficult and demanding task. What programs are offered? What’s the service time? Are the values and perspectives presented there consistent with my own? Will there be donuts at coffee hour (ok that’s my pressing concern, sorry)? Are the directions accurate or will mapquest mess up again? The hope of all Christian communities, I think, is that one’s experience at a church squares with what they tout about themselves, a kind of truth-in-advertisement confirmation. For some people finding a church like Crossroads will be a homecoming of sorts, and for others a much welcomed alternative to previous experiences. I hope you’ll find your way here.


Anne LaMott tells the story of the little seven (7) year old girl who got lost. She desperately ran up and down the streets of her town but couldn’t find any landmarks to give her directions home. Finally a policeman stopped to help and put the little girl in the front seat of the cruiser. They drove around until she spotted her church. She pointed to it and said to the policeman, “You can let me out now. This is my church, and I can always find my way home from here.” Maybe just maybe if you find your way here you could find your way home.

shalom y’all,

Marcus McFaul

Intentional Interim Pastor


Kansas City Church

Crossroads Church - 7917 Main Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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