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The mission of Crossroads Church is to create sanctuary for one another, to seek renewal of mind, body, and spirit, and to practice the liberating work of Jesus.


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Creating sanctuary for one another involves:

A safe place to ask questions and think for yourself
A refuge from stress, prejudice and prior church rejection
A place where you’re welcomed just as you are
A community of support, encouragement and healing


Renewal of body, mind and spirit includes:

Renewal through dynamic worship, spiritual practices and self-expression
Renewal through meaningful teachings, life-long learning and the examined life
Renewal through sharing your life and stories in a caring community


Practicing the liberating work of Jesus requires:

Practicing the radical inclusion of all people
Standing in unity with the oppressed, disadvantaged and poor
Working for peace, justice and the welfare of all
















Kansas City Church

Crossroads Church - 7917 Main Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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Children and Adults - 9:15am

Worship Service - 10:30am

7917 Main
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