Rocky Mountain Poems

Mountain Poems

by Crossroads Writers

August 2002

Greeting from the Writer’s Group[.  At camp this year we again sponsored a sriting workshop.  “Writing in the Rockies,” and we had a very favorable response.  The participants all came with open attitudes and wrote with enthusiasm on each topic suggested.  Especially exciting were the results of the suggestion to write a poem as if “you are the mountain.”  Each person’s poem presented his or her own unique perspective.  We were so delighted with the poems that we shared them  as a group at Coffee Home West, the camp talent show.  We tank all who listened and supported us that night.  We have submitted our poems to the Web site and the newsletter so that the wider church can read them and participate, too.

Sincerely, Kathy Ralston, Floyd McCain, Althea Gerdes, and Sally Powers

I Am A Mountain, by Althea M. Gerdes

I am a mountain…

Climbers climb me

Wanting to go higher.

Trees on me reach to the sky.

No one knows how deep are my roots,

What you see is so little of what I am.

I am billions of years old.

As old as the earth.

Formed of dirt and clay,

Pushed by wind, water, and the movement of the earth.

No one knows the pressure I feel

As I stand up tall into the sky.


Mountain Poem, by Debbie Rockford

Welcome new day!

I turn my face to the East

And rest in the wormth of your rays,

While my ancient and honorable foes,

Wind and Rain, gather theri forces in the West.

Misunderstood, by Betty McCain

People don’t understand me,

They think I’m unchanging,

but I have changed.

They think I’m impervious,

but I am affected.

The lives of people are not like my life.

They scurry and busy themselves.

I enjoy the changing of the seasons.

They concern themselves with tomorrow.

To me, tomorrow does not exist.

Their bodies will cease.

I will exist for millennia.




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