1st Letter to Crossroads

“I took a “sabbatical” from church a while ago. I felt I needed to step back and think on things – how I felt about traditional church, community,calling, the role of church and faith in the 21st century, and all the trappings that accompany those ideas. As a friend of mine on a similar journey replied when asked when she might return to church, I determined I would return ‘when I miss it.’

“Well. I have missed it. The community, that is. I never stopped reflecting on my faith, God/Higher Power/Eternal One/Creator, and my place in this world. I, perhaps, did not miss community so much as I briefly lost the desire to search for the right community for me at this point in my life. I think I might have found that recently.

“But let me digress for just a moment. I used to feel sorry for those who said they didn’t ‘need community,’ that they could worship God as easily on the lake on Sunday morning as they could in church. Then I became one of those ‘lake people.’ And I probably had some folks feeling sorry for me that I didn’t ‘get it.’ That’s ok, too. I’m ready to ‘get it’ – community – again, both in the sense of understanding its importance and enjoying the company of others on a faith journey.

“My good friend, Marcus, has been pastoring a church in Kansas City on a temporary basis. I visited not long ago because I missed hearing him preach, it was Advent, and I missed community during that season of the church year. I have continued to visit, and may put down roots. As I shared with my mother recently, it is a smallish congregation that is diverse in every sense – black and white, male and female, old and young, straight and gay, reserved and charismatic (in the SAME service!). To which she exclaimed, ‘Just like real Christians!’ Yes, Mom, just like real Christians, and real Christian community. That is what I have missed. It is the kind of community I’ve been hoping to be a part of for a long time – which is not to diminish any previous church family I have previously been a part of. But I am at a different place in my faith journey, my spiritual calling, and my quest for a ‘home’ to delve more deeply into both. I find myself at a mid-life crossroads of sorts, and it seems highly appropriate that this is the name of the church community I find myself becoming a part.

“As Marcus shared this morning (and he was far more erudite than my summary will do justice), this journey isn’t just a GPS trip from point A to point B, but more like a scavenger hunt in which each discovery along the way, prepares you for your next destination. The quickest way to get lost is to try to speed to the finish line and skip those important intermediate stops along the way, or to merely stay in one place hoping to eventually see the destination in sight.

“My latest stop has me at Crossroads, and I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to learn in this new community, and how it will prepare me for my next destination in the journey.”


2nd Letter to Crossroads 

I just wanted to write you and the rest of the Crossroads family a message. Although I haven’t been to worship in quite some time due to vacation, work commitments, family commitments, etc., please know I love and value the time I have spent with this church family.

I wanted to take some time this summer in my spiritual journey to just enjoy the love, peace, and joy of life and living it. Crossroads has given me the strength to do that and not be afraid. Thank you so much for that gift.

I realize Crossroads Church is literally at a crossroad. It’s quite a process trying to figure out who are we?, what’s our purpose?, what to do? as well as where do we go from here? etc. I feel strongly that God definitely has a plan for “our” church and “our” purpose in the Waldo community as well as glorifying the kingdom of God.

I, too have been at my own crossroad wondering about my Christian existence, my personal existence as well as my professional existence. (What direction is my life going in? … when will I be able to let go of my own “church” issues ? how do I live for Christ? ….to be honest …..I don’t have all the answers…but this church family has opened my soul to wanting to explore those possibilities.)

Because of the time I have spent at Crossroads I have been able to reestablish my relationship with Christ, redefine the direction I want to go on in my spiritual journey, and without a doubt know that I am loved. (Whew…although I am not where I want to be …I can honestly share that I haven’t felt this kind of hope and joy in a LONG time.)

Crossroads has provided me an opportunity to face my fears and my guilt head on by allowing me to embrace my life and my life choices through the love of God and his children. As you know, my spiritual garden was weakened, broken, and just plain damaged when I started going to your services. I was so weak I couldn’t even cry. Now…. well, every Crossroads service I have attended I can’t seem to stop crying…well, imagine that. :)

As I close; I want to share how valuable this church family is to me, our community, and to the kingdom of God. I will be back to worship very soon.

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