The First Adopt A Neighborhood Gathering

The First Adopt A Neighborhood Gathering

by Linda Jordan, Laura Dillingham and Linda Ewing

The first Adopt A Neighborhood gathering got off to a roaring start on a sunny, warm Saturday morning, April 12th. At least 44 Crossroads people joined with the residents of the 3700 block of Wayne to meet and pick up trash, followed by a block party. Armed with gloves and trash bags, the participants chatted with one another as we rid the street and some yards of litter, from gum wrappers to plywood. Children participated in the pick-up as well and played together in the moonwalk, which was busy from the time it went up until it was taken down.We met some amazing residents. One woman, having lived in the neighborhood for 37 years, agreed that she might be the matriarch of the block. Loern King, one of the block captains, spent the morning firing up the grill and cooking burgers and hotdogs for everyone. Helen, a 43-year-old single mother of 8 (all adopted) is truly inspiring as she raises these children in spite of having battled several health problems. Most recently she adopted twins.

Diane Bourgeois brought her massage chair and there was a line for massages all morning. Laura Lane’s husband was working with his Honeywell co-workers on the Habitat for Humanity house on the corner. They joined us for lunch and let us use the on-site dumpster. Jim Hamilton wandered around and took pictures. Neighborhood teenagers brought out their sound systems and provided music for the gathering. More neighborhood people gathered as time went on, bringing the crowd total to an estimated 70 to 80.

The gathering generated enthusiasm for many participants, formulating ideas of how to partner together to meet some of the neighborhood needs. Many were looking forward to the next step in this new relationship.

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