Work Group News – Quarterly Report of Work Group and Committee Activities and Events


Work Group News, October 2015

Summary Reports from Work Groups (listed in alphabetical order)


Art in the Sanctuary

No report.


Bible Study

The Bible Study work group chose the Gospel of John to study this year.   It has been a provocative and fruitful investigation with much discussion. Books written by John Shelby Spong and Sandra Schneiders were used in the study to help understand the historical realities of the Johannine community at the time this book was written, the writing styles and conventions, and the purpose of the writer(s) of John. The group is pondering the meaning of “believe” and Jesus’ invitation to enter into the life of God. One of the church members leads the study, but the teachers are all the participants in the room, including, they trust, the Holy Spirit. The group has met the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month since April, and will conclude the time together in October.


Business and Finance (Standing Committee)

No report.


Children’s Ministry

  • There are 5 Sunday School teachers and one helper extraordinaire. The team is very grateful for all of their hard work.
  • Options for new curriculum are being evaluated and a decision will be made in October about which program to choose.
  • The Holy Ghost Wienie Roast on September 26 is a special event for the kids and a craft event is planned.
  • The team is looking forward to planning more events during their October meeting.
  • More volunteers to bring healthy snacks are needed. Snack time is 9:15 so any volunteer providing snacks needs to come early so that snacks are ready by 9:15.



The information cards listing the fiscal year’s work groups have been updated and copies placed in the back of the pew books. The team will collaborate with Stephanie Swanson to update and revise the text of the pew books.


Dinners for Eight

No report.


End Times

No report.


Exploring Diversity

No report.


Exploring Partnerships

No report.


Facility Care (Standing Committee)

  • The committee is pleased to announce one new member of the team.
  • Financial recap of new roof and solar panels—-
    • New roof cost $27,000 funded by donations
    • Solar panel installation cost $30,000 and the rebate check was $33,700, resulting in a $3,700.00 surplus.
    • $100.00 a month is saved because of new solar panels
  • A large unexpected increase of water usage was discovered this spring. Through some excellent detective work it was determined that someone had been stealing water during the late night hours. Several steps were taken including warning signs, locking device on outside faucets, and shutting off the water supply. Efforts paid off and water usage is back to normal.
  • All exterior lights have been repaired or bulbs replaced.
  • The improved WiFi network is operational. The new network enables wireless connectivity in the sanctuary, community room, and fellowship hall in addition to the office area.
  • The fall clean-up day is set for Nov 21. All church members are warmly invited to participate.


Festival Season Planners

No report. Contact:


Late Life Focus

No report.


Open Small Group

No report.


Pastoral Support Team (Standing Committee)

PST is very satisfied with the time spent with our interim pastor. In a phone conversation, he said he was satisfied and commended PST and the congregation on our conduct during his time with us as interim pastor. PST is grateful for his friendship, warm spirit, and faithful service to the Gospel. Contact:


Peace, Justice and Missions

  • The newly formed Green Team is operating as part of PJ&M. The team recently sponsored a Lunch-and-Learn regarding the church’s role in caring for creation. Everyone in the church is being encouraged to calculate their household carbon footprint. Help is available for that.
  • Missouri River Clean-Up is scheduled for October 3, 9 a.m. – noon. Plans are underway to carpool from the church.



  • The work group revised the existing Not-for-Profit Rental Agreement form for Special Events and created a new Not-for-Profit Rental Agreement for Business Meetings. Both forms are posted on the private website under policies.
  • Three yard signs with red background and white lettering were set close to Main Street to publicize Vacation Bible School. The flexible design of the signs allow them to be reused later to publicize other events.
  • Facebook advertising was used to publicize Vacation Bible School. The ad was sent to approx. 13,000 Facebook users.
  • The team plans to redesign and replace the yard sign on the corner of 79th Terrace and Main. The congregation was given the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the text of the sign through Church Updates and Facebook. Many comments were received and will be considered by the team. Also, our pastor will be consulted.
  • During the week of September 07 the team mailed approximately 250 announcement letters and sent approximately 300 announcement emails to Crossroads’ “Friends” announcing the arrival and first teaching of our new pastor on Sunday September 27.
  • The team plans to “freshen” our public website in the next few months. Our website continues to be the primary way visitors become aware of Crossroads.


Restorative Conversations and Mediation (Standing Committee)

The committee is available to coach conversations or to simply talk through a situation and decide the next step. If there is something that is nagging at you, from long ago or last week, it might be time to clear it up!


Sacred Paths

A new book study and discussion of Reading the Bible Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg will occur during October. Circle will continue to be offered in the Lower Turret Room.


State of the Church (Standing Committee)

At the beginning of the church year, July 1, Crossroads had 90 members. This standing committee is no longer active.


Worship Planners

  • The team is excited about the recent purchase and installation of the new projector. The old projector had a progressive snow storm, you may have noticed, which was an omen of its soon-to be death. The new projector is brighter, sharper, easier to use, and avails itself of all current technology and connectivity. A big thank you to all who were involved in the research, purchasing and installation of the new projector.
  • The team is planning a special installation service for the new pastor on Sunday, October 25th. There will be many guests. The guest speaker will be Dr. Andrew Pratt of William Jewell College. Dr. Pratt presented at our recent Creation Care Celebration.


Worship Support

No report.


Youth Support Group

No report.





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